Spokane Police Abuses: Past to Present

The People of Spokane vs. Law Enforcement Abuse, Impunity, Corruption, and Cover-up

Update: Boys in Blue at the Ballot — Contract Vote Dates Changed

Posted by Arroyoribera on August 5, 2007

In the last 48 hours, the Spokane Police Guild changed its contract vote dates from August 7th & 8th to August 7th & 10th. I do not know whether or not this change from August 8th to August 10th has anything to do with the fact that the Police Advisory Committee meets on August 8 and is overseen by the SPD’s top brass, but suffice it to say that I suspect so. I can’t imagine that SPD brass would want the PAC to meet unsupervised and on its own, especially at this time of controversy.


Spokane Police Guild — Contract Vote — August 7 and August 10, 2007

* Drill Hall at Roll Call Times– E-mail Ty Snider if you are on Vacation that Week *


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