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Remember, remember, the 11th of September

Posted by Arroyoribera on August 11, 2007

From the March 2007 Idaho Observer:

Remember, remember, the 11th of September

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then I’ll begin.

Right now, I imagine there are hundreds of soldiers rushing here to kill me because someone does not want us to talk.

They are afraid that I am going to say the things that are not supposed to be said. They are afraid that I am going to say the truth. The truth is that there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? If you look about, you witness cruelty, injustice and despotism. But what do you do about it? What can you do?

You are but a single individual. How can you possibly make any difference? Individuals have no power in this modern world.

That is what you’ve been taught because that is what they need you to believe. But it is not true. This is why they are afraid and the reason that I am here; to remind you that it is individuals who always hold the power. The real power. Individuals like me. And individuals like you.

I have come to offer you a deal. If you accept, I will give you a different world. A world without curfews, without soldiers and surveillance systems. A world that is not run by other men, but that is run by you. I am offering you a second chance.

Four hundred years ago, a great citizen made a most significant contribution to our common culture. It was a contribution forged in secrecy and stealth although it is best remembered in noise and bright light.

To commemorate that glorious night at precisely the stroke of midnight, the edifice of their world will erupt with enough sound and fury to shake the earth. All I ask is that you join me at the gates to watch as the past is erased, the pathway cleared so that together we can start toward a new day.

But, you ask, who am I to make such promises? A fair question but hardly necessary, as you know me already. To know me any more, you need only look to a mirror.

Truth be told, this wasn’t even my idea, was it? If you think back, you’ll remember that night, whispering in your lover’s arms. I became a part of your plan just as you have now become part of mine…


The “story” above graces the top half of the frontpage on the hardcopy edition of the Idaho Observer for March 14, 2007 and is wrapped around the “V” mask. The concept, inspired by Meria Heller, was taken from the extraordinary film ‘V for Vendetta‘ by the Wachowski brothers. It strikes to the heart of who we are and why we are allowing ourselves to be poisoned and controlled by the petty minions of the horrible men and women who perpetuate global war and human misery for profit. This unjust era will come to an end. The only question is if it will happen on our schedule or “theirs.” Take the time to see the film. Put yourself in it. If so inspired, obtain the accoutrements and become a V.

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