Spokane Police Abuses: Past to Present

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SPD Officer Dan Torok waxes eloquent at Hard 7

Posted by Arroyoribera on August 21, 2007

At Hard 7 over the last several days, SPD Officer Dan Torok–whose knee took the breath out of Otto Zehm before he stopped breathing in March 2006 and whose service weapon took the life from Jerome Alford in March 2007–has engaged the public in a dialogue about and defense of the SPD, its officers, its practices, and himself.

Hard 7 — I call this “hard core blogging” — is written and moderated by Frank Sennett, the most dynamic, clearest speaking, ready-to-challenge-the-status-quo journalist in Spokane.  Frank is an “indy” journalist, though his blog is found in the Spokesman-Review’s print and on-line Spokane 7 magazine.  In addition, Frank is heard on KPBX with his unique The Alternative Source.

I hope a mention at SpokanePoliceAbuses does not spell the end of ‘ya, brother Frank.  Keep hitting ’em hard!

(By the way, Officer Dan Torok is a frequent poster at various Spokesman-Review blogs, invariably under the name “Dan”, minus his last name. Certainly he has a right to post his views but he might do so with his last name so that people are aware of context and history. Whether or not his interventions are appropriate given his role in the death of Otto Zehm and Jerome Alford, is something his superiors will need to address. Certainly a man of his convictions would want his name associated with his posts. Officer Torok is often joined in double teaming posters by Officer Jim Faddis, with Torok writing as “Dan” and Faddis either as “Jim” or — as he finally confessed when he came clean — “Kevin”.  There are several other SPD and SCSO law enforcers lurking around the blogosphere engaging, sometime alone and sometimes in teams, in verbal joisting, linguistic tasering (the barbs most often failing to stick), and online triangulated small arms fire.  Keep your eyes out for them).


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