Spokane Police Abuses: Past to Present

The People of Spokane vs. Law Enforcement Abuse, Impunity, Corruption, and Cover-up

State of Washington Promotes Killer Cop Seminar for Spokane Law Enforcement

Posted by Arroyoribera on September 14, 2007

Hot on the heels of several years of controversial policing in Spokane, the State of Washington is promoting this training by StreetCrimes.net, “featuring very graphic videos and strong language” and “intended only for serious law enforcers only”.


What are “serious law enforcers only” as opposed to ordinary law enforcers? Is this a reference to killer cops? I believe it is.

Question: Why at this time is the state of Washington promoting this training being held in Spokane? Don’t state officials follow events in Spokane? Aren’t there a number of topics which would make more sense at this time? Topics such as: 1) how to detain a suspect without killing and why a suspect is always innocent until proven guilty; 2) the relationship between tasers, electricity, and death; 3) identifying a deadly weapon vs. what is a pop bottle; and, 4) how to say “You know, Sergeant, I think we should stop because if we kick him again we are going to kill him and I really don’t want to have to lie about what we did.”

Before you check out the training announcement, here is the “tip of the month” from the trainer, Pat McCarthy, posted on the StreetCrimes.net website. Now it begins to make sense: these are the guys training our taxpayer-paid officers how to violate our civil rights:

  The Phony Name Check  
  This is a trick that police officers can use on suspects that have no identification on them. When I was working the streets, whenever I ran across a suspect who had no identification on them, I would automatically assume that they were lying to me about who they were. Because I’ve found that the majority of people who didn’t have identification were wanted on outstanding criminal warrants, what I would do is this: Ask them for all of their pertinent information. i.e. name, height, weight, D.O.B., and social security number. I would then pretend to run a computer name check on their bogus information. I would then wait a few minutes, then grab the suspect, and tell them they have a murder warrant from Texas. I guarantee you they will now be happy to tell you who they are. I used this trick once on a junkie who had his drivers license hidden in his sock. He gave me bogus information and when I pretended to run his name, I told him he was wanted for murder in Texas. He began to cry and then confessed that he was lying about who he really was. He then told me he was hiding his license in his sock. After running his information, he ended up being wanted on a theft warrant. We are allowed to use trickery and deceit on suspects that we deal with and we should use every available tool to take bad guys off the streets.



Pat McCarthy’s

Street Crimes Seminar

Presented by John E. Reid & Associates


Spokane, Washington
7, 8 & 9 April 2008 – 8:30- 4:30
Co-Sponsor: Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
Training Location: SCSO Training Center
@ SCC Bldg.#7, 1810 N Greene Street
Spokane. WA 99217
To Register Call: Ph. 1-800-275-4915

WARNING!! This training features very graphic videos &
strong language. Intended for serious law enforcers only!!

Our instructors provide the most up to date, street-tested
information to help officers stay one step ahead of criminals.


3-Day Course Content
1) Deadly Force / Police Involved Shootings (New Training Segment)
2) Conducting effective street interviews and stops for patrol officers & investigators
3) Surveillance tactics for patrol and plain clothes officers & agents
4) Developing criminal intelligence / street information for all levels of law enforcement
5) Ethical considerations for street cops and street agents / making the right choices
6) Street tested techniques for conducting successful gang and drug related cases
7) Car traps and hidden compartments being used by today’s gangs & drug dealers
8] Conducting/planning search warrants & high risk raids (New Training Segment)
9) Important officer safety issues for both on and off duty situations
10) How to develop street sources and C/I’s for patrol, investigators and special agents
11) Street gang members in the military / How these trends effect law enforcement
(New Training Segment)
12) Homeland Security issues for the street cop / street agent (New Training Segment)
And Much More

This truly innovative program is presented through a combination of lectures,
and a State of the Art Multimedia Creation.
Each attendee will receive an extensive training manual and a certificate.
Of the thousands of officers who have attended our program, 99% rated it Excellent or
Very Good. We offer a complete Money Back Guarantee

3 day program $395 per person
Fantastic Group rates are available!

If you would like to be removed from our fax list please
call 1-800-915-2571 ext.20140 or email reidinfo@htc.net
or fax618-281-1999, include your fax number.

Register online @ Streetcrimes.net
Or call 1-800-275-4915

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