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Post Falls Company to be purchased by Blackwater USA — or not

Posted by Arroyoribera on October 7, 2007

[Updated 01/08/2008] As this image from the Blackwater Tactical Newletter shows, Couer d’Alene, Idaho-based The Backup Training Corporation has been purchased by Blackwater International. The mercenary firm Blackwater will now be able to use additional resources and technological expertise to make its training available on-line and in classrooms around the U.S. and the world.)


(Original post — October 7, 2007)

With its history of massacring Indians, racism, conservative politics, one-newspaper towns, Cold War munitions storage and manufacturing, top-secret military operations, neo-nazi hate groups, white-supremacist terror acts, and unregulated law enforcement, no news coming out of the Eastern Washington and North Idaho areas should surprise anyone.

Now comes news that Post Falls-based The Backup Training Corporation is changing hands.

And the new owner?

Blackwater USA, the mercenary outfit at the heart of scandals from Iraq to New Orleans.

The Backup Training Corporation, based in Post Falls, Idaho, provides training to law enforcement and other use-of-force practitioners, including mercenaries. Some of its trainings deal with Managing Street Informants as well as Gang Trainings.

In April 2007 it was announced that, “Blackwater will become the exclusive provider of practical skill development training for The Backup in the areas of firearms and tactics training, Law Enforcement training, Law Enforcement Special Operations training, K9 training, military training, security and Law Enforcement driving training and aviation training”.

However, there now appears to be concern among stockholders and others about the Blackwater/Backup deal.

And depending on the outcome of investigations into alleged murders of Iraqi civilians committed by Blackwater gunners in Iraq, the deal may be scuttled. Already The Backup Training Corporation is concerned that its increasing contractual business with Blackwater — the source of much of The Backup’s growth in the last year — will affect both its financial bottom-line and its reputation.

(Note: The 9/18/07 CDAPress.com version of the events in Iraq vary significantly from versions provided by other sources, including reporters, U.S. military, U.S. State Department, and Iraqi government. CDAPress.com is a division of Duane Hagadone’s Hagadone Newspaper Network. Until becoming chief financial officer for The Backup, Steve Benner was an executive for The Hagadone Corporation.)

As time goes on, area people are likely to become more and more aware of the amount of economic and military involvement there is in the Spokane area related to ultra-conservative, right-wing, and militarist (or in this case psuedo-law enforcement, mercenary) companies.

Perhaps this starts to suggest another explanation for all the million dollar homes around the area and lining the shores of Lake Couer d’Alene. How much of it is war booty or, some might say, blood money?

And just image. Spokane Police who think they might need a little more training or decide that their measly police salaries are not enough could just go over to Post Falls and pay Blackwater a little visit. Now there is nice thought for you.

However, it is important to realize that this is exactly where we are already — an extremely disturbing blurring of the boundaries among law enforcement, “national security apparatus”, US military, and private mercenary armies-for-hire.

Here is a little more information about the Post Falls-based The Backup Training Corporation and their corporate friends at Blackwater USA.

www.thebackup.com — Designed to fulfill training needs of officers, our courses deliver the nation’s top law enforcement trainers in an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and consistently reliable format. These CD courses intertwine text with all aspects of multimedia.

www.cbsnews.com — Blackwater — The North Carolina-based private security firm makes millions training police swat teams and military sharpshooters with courses like “Tactical Pistol II,” “Extreme Officer Survival” and “Helicopter Sniper.”

The Backup Product List — Have SPD officers who have made fatality-producing and other serious use of force and tactical errors in the field been trained with these materials?

www.dallasnews.com — Federal agents, video cameras will monitor Blackwater

www.spokesman.com — Blackwater seeks PR help with negative image

www.blackwaterusa.com — Mercenaries for Hire

SanityForSale.wordpress.com — Blackwater: Bush’s Shadow Army

www.cnn.com — Congressional Investigation of Seattle mercenary fired by Blackwater, then hired by CSA

www.washingtonpost.com — In change of tune, US gov’t agents, not Blackwater, will protect FBI in probe

SpokanePoliceAbuses.wordpress.com–The role of Spokane, Fairchild, and the SERE/JPRA programs in U.S. Torture and Geneva Convention Violations (includes waterboarding videos)


One Response to “Post Falls Company to be purchased by Blackwater USA — or not”

  1. cck1 said

    I believe Blackwater is setting up police training camps around the country for the purpose of recruiting our police out from under us. What better way to increase the size of a private army -which Blackwater is – than to train the nation’s police. Once the police are trained, they will leave in a heartbeat whenever Blackwater calls.

    The allure of the ‘big wages’ adventure, camaraderie, etc…not to mention the ’ war’ booty is the promise of the mercenary army.

    The government is throwing money at these private contractors by the billions, not millions, to form and sustain these private armies. They are amassing all the weapons of war, including tanks, helicopters, fighter planes, etc. After Iraq, and even now, these companies are attempting to set up training camps (mercenary bases) across this country.

    They tried to set up a camp on the border, (for fighting illegals, etc) I’ve read that Blackwater is also full of foreign nationals imported from such places as Chili etc..

    While the regular army is away fighting, these armies are positioning themselves in this country and are using our police as recruitments for new enlistees into their ‘private’ army. These so-called training & privat army camps will conduct exercises in this country too – but against whom & for whom? And controlled by whom? Remember, Blackwater is a private business (army) for hire.

    Before deciding that Blackwater is okay simply because they are now working in Iraq at our bidding, do some research on Blackwater (Blackwaterusa.com for one) and Eric Prince -the owner – in Google and Wikipedia for another…And, of course YouTube.com. Find out what these companies actually represent, what they are all about, and who owns them, discover their political and religious philosophies, before you are so sure you want them in here. Just a few suggestions, and thoughts.


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