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SPD slumlord Jay Olsen’s drug house

Posted by Arroyoribera on October 30, 2007

By the way, what ever became of Spokane Police Officer Jay Olsen’s drug house at 112 W. Montgomery Avenue?

I have asked about this at Frank Sennett’s Hard 7 blog, but because I am really finding frequent blogger Spokane Detective Officer Dan Torok’s non-responsiveness to be very annoying, I would like to invite SPD Chief Anne Kirkpatrick or former internal affairs Sgt. Jim “aka Kevin” Faddis to respond on this one.

In reality, not anticipating a response from either Faddis or Kirkpatrick, I came up with this partial response to my own question. Again, this is from the S-R:

(quote) This is the second time in less than two years that (SPD Officer Jay) Olsen has been in the news. In September 2005, neighbors living near 112 W. Montgomery Ave. were frustrated by frequent drug activity at a home owned by the police officer.

Dennis “DJ” Jones was convicted of selling drugs out of one of the five apartment units in the converted house. Olsen said he had no knowledge of the illegal activity.

Spokane police Officer Jennifer DeRuwe said there was an internal investigation into whether Olsen had done anything improper. It was unclear Monday what that investigation turned up. (end quote)


Apparently, it is SPD Officer Jennifer DeRuwe who could respond to this but, like SPD spokesperson Dick Cottam before her, I am sure the answer would be, “No comment”.

How many other Spokane Police Department and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office staff are local slumlords?


One Response to “SPD slumlord Jay Olsen’s drug house”

  1. brad peterson said

    You cant think jay would let people rent that he knew were going to sell dope from an apt he rented to them when i sold dope he always was trying to pop me im a class mate and friend for many years and that did not make one shitten matter to him

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