Spokane Police Abuses: Past to Present

The People of Spokane vs. Law Enforcement Abuse, Impunity, Corruption, and Cover-up

Catalog of SpokanePoliceAbuses Blog Posts — July 17, 2007 to February 4, 2008

Posted by Arroyoribera on February 4, 2008

Appropriately, and as hoped, the post entitled “Laying out the case…” is the most read during the seven months since I created the blog Spokane Police Abuses: Past to Present — The People of Spokane vs. Law Enforcement Abuses, Impunity, Corruption, and Cover-up.

“Laying out the case…” is a compendium, by no means exhaustive, of incidents of importance in the history of the Spokane Police Department and its reign of scandal, murder, corruption, cover-up, impunity, arrogance, lying, pension-padding, spying, and stupidity.

Your comments, corrections, suggestions, and additions are invited. Please write me at SpokanePoliceAbuses@gmail.com.

This index list all SpokanePoliceAbuses posts from the most read to the least read. By the way, some of the infrequently read posts are quite interesting!

Laying out the case…  
Prison Towns — Walla Walla, Shelton and Spokane  
Torture, SERE, Fairchild & Spokane  
SCSO–Pistols, Submachine guns, and Battle Rifles
The Role of Spokane, Fairchild, and SERE in U.S. Torture Policy  
Know Your Rights: Boy Confronts Police  
About the Blogmeister    
Rape Allegation Against Deputized Federal Drug Task Force Member — SPD Officer Jason Uberuaga

Urban Legend or part of Spokane anti-gang campaign
Spokane Crime Statistics, Reports, and Concerns    
Spokane Gang Crisis?    
The Man Who Broke the Camel’s Back    
One way to stop abusive cops — Put a video in your car    
What Does Self-Defense Against Riot Police Look Like?
Learn how to spy on your neighbor in a police state
Spokane cops to spin their own story on COPS TV
FBI Watchlist — Spokane Edition (Update)  
Sexual misconduct against Women in Washinton State Prisons
Spokane Police Department Radio Signal Codes    
The Gang Reality–Looking to root causes    
Arming Ourselves Against State Repression    
Choose Your Weapons, Gentlemen — For th    
Post Falls Company to be purchased by Blackwater    
Police Surveillance, Intimidation and Suppression    
Mark Fuhrman — Spokane Area Law Enforcement    
Spokane’s dirty little secret — What Mi    
Spokane Police Brutality on Camera    
Girl vs. Police Baton    
Crime Statistics, Reports, and Concerns    
Homeboy Industries / Homegirl Bakery    
Spokane’s Para-military SWAT Team — Pol    
Suicide by Cop — I’d have jumped too    
Ron Wright — Spokane Area Law Enforcement Personality of Note
SPD Officer Dan Torok waxes eloquent at Hard 7
Gangs and the School of the Americas    
Who is Jason Oakley?    
Peace Officers or Sanctioned Thugs?    
Know Your Rights — Tin Soldiers and Nixon’s Coming    
The War Against Us All — Immortal Technique    
All-White Washington State Tactical Officers Association
Photos of All-White Spokane Police Depart    
Rampant Police Misconduct Scandals in U.S.    
Working up from the streets — Rev. Greg    
Know Your Rights: Boy Confronts Police    
Buried Deep in the Spokesman’s Blogs �    
Training Spokane Law Enforcement in Inte    
Urgent Call: Protest of Spokane’s CIA-c    
Color of Law Matters — Spokane FBI Chie    
Gonzaga University — a police-free zone for sex crimes
Citizen videographer describes filming p    
Fighting Police Abuse: A Community Action Guide
Ethical Lapse by Chief Kirkpatrick?    
The Testimony of Abbie Hoffman — Trial    
Diversity at the Spokane Police Department    
Police Batons    
Here Come’s The Thought Police — Baltimore Sun
“You honkey, We drinkey” or Officer Brownlee
Prisoner Abuse: Patterns from the Past –    
Fascist America, in 10 easy steps    
Are You in a Gang?    
Report: FBI’s troubled relationship with Spokane area Law Enforcement    
SPD slumlord Jay Olsen’s drug house    
Alan Chertok — Spokane Area Law Enforcement Personality of Note    
And they call this a choice?    
The Spokane 17–Defending Freedom–Power to the People
Re-cap: 7/27/07 Law enforcement tasers suicidal man
Police Records Missing? Have Jeanie Spiering Check the Storage Closet    
SPD ‘officer’: “I have a job…to get these shit bags out of the park”    
Urgent Call — re: Spokane Police Department    
FBI in Spokane — Informant posed as The Valley Herald journalist    
Urgent — “The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot
In Memoriam — Otto Zehm (1970 – 2006)    
Spokane Police Guild Forum Page    
Battle Ready — The SPD’s Military Arsenal    
All-White Spokane Police Department? Or    
Ladies and gentleman, yourrrrrrrr Spokane Police Department    
FBI Watchlist — Spokane Edition    
Acts of Conscience — Spokane Circus Protest    
ACLU: Know Your Rights    
LE Friendly vs. LE Hostile — Spokane Police Guild Forum Discussion    
The Shock Doctrine — Naomi Klein (short video)
URGENT CALL (10/03/07)–Gang Seminar by    
Filing a complaint against the Spokane Police Department
CIA Venezuela Destabilization Memo Surfaces    
FBI — Fabricating Bogus Information — False Ballistic Information
Marie Yates: “Qualified” for what?    
Urgent Call: Goetz to Guide Public in Gentil Chat with Chief
War Made Easy    
Urgent Call: Police Advisory Committee Meeting    
“In the Event of Riots, Civil Distrubance, and    
Citizen Review Commission is NOT the answer    
Spokane Police Bloggers at Spokesman-Review Blogs
Police Reservists Bring the War Home —    
Retired Spokane Police Don’t Go to Heaven    
License to Kill — per Spokane County Prosecutor    
All-White Spokane Police Department?    
Revocation of Police Officer Certification    
“Irreparable Damage” — Spokane Police Guild    
Sibel Edmonds — Blowing the lid off the CIA, FBI and high level Traitors    
Lies, damn lies, and…SPD Cpl. Lee and Statistics differ over crime rate    
Civilian Oversight Boise Style — Coverage by the Spokesman-Review
Clean Sweep — Changes eliminate Kirkpatrick testimonial on Worley website
“Vulnerable Adults and the City of Spokane    
Videos at Spokane Police Abuses    
State of Washington Promotes Killer Cop    
Fascism Watch: ‘Non-Lethal Weapons’    
Learn how to spy on your neighbor in a post-9/11 neo-fascist America    
How to beat a red-light camera    
The ACLU Defends Police    
Spokane Police Guild to Chief & Public: We’ll investigate ourselves
Intimidation–It’s job one for Spokane Police Department    
The FBI in Peace and War    
Index of Posts at SpokanePoliceAbuses    
Police Harassing Spokane Youth?    
From Gonzales to Mukasey — Still Carrying Water for Bush on Torture    
Taser Trouble — The Infamous UCLA Video    
Unanswered questions for Spokane reporters    
Presidential Advance Manual — Free Speech, Rally Squads, and Local Police Coordination
Urgent Call– Protest to close down Guantanamo    
Surveillance Rights for the Public    
Wil Elder on July 4, 2007 Police Riot in Riverfront Park    
SPD Officer Jason Uberuaga fired for “conduct unbecoming”
Dr. Tom Jeannot reflects on July 4, 2007    
We Will Not Be Silent    
Reflections on Blogging Down the SPD    
Guidance on How to Cook the Police Oversight Process    
When Others Were Silent, Dennis Kucinich Stood Up    
Video of Spokane protest arrests shows “casual lack of respect for free speech”    
Court allows suit to proceed against city of Spokane for false arrest by Officer Strickland
Respond by e-mail: Your help needed    
More unanswered questions for Spokane reporters    
Call it Democracy — Bruce Cockburn    
Educating the Chief — It’s Spokane, not Spokaloo
Quarantining Dissent — Fascism on our Doorstep    
Death by TASER – The Tragic Death of Roger Holyfield
La Coartada    
Testimony: Mother and son recount 7/8/0    
Stay tuned for: Dave Oliveria and the Tootsweets    
Most frequently accessed posts on SpokanePoliceAbuses    
2007 Was Worst Year of Iraq Occupation –    
And then CragCrawler said to USMC Gunner M4 — I heard it through the grapevine    
9/11 Truth    
Che Guevara, presente!    
Know Your Rights: While you still have them
Be a Whistle Blower    
Urgent call from U.S. Comptroller General    
Boise Office of the Community Ombudsman    
Andrew “Skip” Pavlischak — Spokane Area Law Enforcement Personality of Note    
The Clash: Know Your Rights    
We the people…..    
Up 40% year-to-date    
The People vs. Bush — Evidentiary Item    
Are Racist Cops Better Organized Than We Thought    
Terrorism in Spokane — 1990 to 1996    
Anything sound familiar here?    
Lady in a Red Suit: Know Your Rights    
America: A Nation of Cowards?    
Independent Oversight! Now!    
About this blog — Why this blog, how to use it
Boys in Blue at the Ballot — August 7 and August 8, 2007
Comparative Policing — Istanbul vs. Spokane    
Urgent Call: Police Advisory Committee    
Remember, remember, the 11th of September!    
The Real News    
Stop it, Stop it, You’re Killin’ Me!    
Welcome to 1984    
War coming home to roost — just the beginning    
Laying out the case…    
Guns and Policing: Standards to Prevent Use (Amnesty International)    
Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents    
SPD officials endorse Citizen Oversight    
Canada Puts U.S. on Torture Watch List    
School of the Americas: U.S. Foreign Policy    
Outside it’s (fascist) America    
…narrowly construed in favor of disclosure    
Turning a pig’s ear into a silk purse    
Urgent Call: Spokane Human Rights Commision    
U.S. Gov’t Propagandists Who Created Iraq Fiasco Now Plan for Iran    
4/16/08 Chief Anne Kirkpatrick on Keeping the Community Safe
Spokane Racism — new blog by Arroyoribera    
Ward Churchill: Know Your Rights    
HGS Savage Family    
Riddle me this, Batman!

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