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“Privatize” — Evergreen Freedom Foundation’s solution to Washington prison crisis

Posted by Arroyoribera on February 14, 2008

It should not take the informed reader more than a couple minutes after reading any article on problems in prisons to realize that a private foundation or think tank is out there furiously drawing up the data and arguments for a proposal to “privatize” the so-called “industry”.

And when one thinks “privatize the prison industry” (the privatizers tend to like the word “corrections” better than “prison”, as part of their tactic of taking the debate and the language of the debate onto their turf), immediately one thinks of CCA — Corrections Corporation of America.

Corrections Corporation of America — sometimes called “America’s private gulag” — is a scandal-ridden, billion dollar company deeply entrenched in everything from incarcerating undocumented immigrant minor children for the Department of Homeland Security to running high security facilities in many states.

In a new report called Unlocking Washington’s Prison Capacity Shortfall , the Evergreen Freedom Foundation recommends involving CCA in resolving Washington state’s prison mismanagement problems and proposes constructing private prisons in the state of Washington.

The report’s author, Amber Gunn, is a former Charles G. Koch Fellow. Charles Koch is the billionaire co-founder of the ultra-libertarian, right-wing Cato Institute and the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation.

And they call it democracy…


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