Spokane Police Abuses: Past to Present

The People of Spokane vs. Law Enforcement Abuse, Impunity, Corruption, and Cover-up

Request for help…

Posted by Arroyoribera on February 17, 2008

With 25,000 hits in 7 months, this blog has clearly become a useful resource.

However, I have other interests of importance such as my blog on Racism on Spokane and my blog on U.S. attempts at destabilizing Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

I would like to invite readers of this blog to help me and those seeking information on the Spokane Police and other issues related to Spokane-area law enforcement.


1) If you conduct a search on a relevant topic, please send me the link or links.  Even the series of words you used in a Google search or the link to that search is useful.

2) If you have an experience or know of someone who has been a victim of abuse, disrespect, or other mistreatment by the police, jails, courts or other “public safety” personnel in the area, please send my the information.

3) If you have written something you would like posted here, please send it to me.

It is helpful if I have a way to reach you but it is not necessary. With an email address at least I can write you back for clarification. I will not publish or use your e-mail, name or personal information unless you request it and give your permission.

Please write to me at SpokanePoliceAbuses@gmail.com

Here are some examples of issues I have not been able to address yet and your help would be appreciated:

  • Followup on the Spokane Police Officer Jay Olsen shooting of Shonto Pete — an innocent man — in the back of the head
  • Followup on the killing of Otto Zehm by Officers Dan Torok, Jason Uberuaga and 5 others
  • Information on the status of the incomplete report by police consultant Mike Worley on the Spokane Police Department
  • Information on the status of the incomplete FBI investigation into the Otto Zehm homicide
  • Background on Utah-based corrections consultant David Bennett whose recent report is being used by Spokane County commissioners and Sheriff’s Office as part of their campaign to convince taxpayers of the need for a massive new jail complex
  • Witnesses to police abuses and misconduct in any Spokane area jurisdictions
  • Witnesses to the blonde Spokane Police woman who was thumping her baton against her open palm at the back of the Spokane City Council Chambers near the end of the presentation by SPD Chief Anne Kirkpatrick on September 17, 2007
  • Information on abuses in area jails and prisons
  • Withholding of public information by area agencies required to release such information
  • Holding of closed meetings by public agencies and entities required to inform the public and hold those meetings in the open
  • Information on spying by the FBI and other law enforcement on peace activists, community activists, and other citizens
  • Information on organizations such as InfraGard and other Soviet-style secret organizations used to recruit citizens to inform and report to the FBI and other law enforcement organizations.

One Response to “Request for help…”

  1. patwick said

    I am writing this letter as one of a growing number of 100% Military Service Connected Veterans with a Mental Disorders who live in this County. I am 57 years old and am writing for those Vets who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, along with all the rest of us who represent a small minority who are not being served. I have written my local, state, VA, and Federal officials but have yet to receive a response. I think our problem is we represent >5% of the population and frankly, No One Cares.

    The problem is in Spokane or Spokane Co.: if we, a family member or friend calls 9-1-1 for help to get us to the Veterans Medical Center, the operators respond by sending sheriff’s deputies or city police rather than an ambulance with a police back up. We understand the police back up for safety, but ultimately, we are handcuffed (which puts us in more stress and can lead to aggressiveness and charges for resisting arrest [?]) rather than medics with a cop back up who place us in a gurney, (like military medics) immobilize us with straps and then get vitals. By that time the cop is no longer needed in most cases, and the vet or other mentally non-violent patients can be taken to the hospital with dignity rather than fear and long-term loathing, handcuffed in the back of a squad car. Of the latter, we gain a fear of the Law Enforcement Profession as bad as the disorder we brought back from overseas duty station! Rereading those last three words, Law Enforcement Profession, I see they have nothing to do with the treatment of either physical or mental health and I ask you to ask your attorneys to find out why the police have taken over the handling of the mentally ill, Where is their license to practice medicine or assess a client?

    I was diagnosed, ”Severely depressed with psychotic interludes”, rather than PTSD as I was in a non-combat zone and wouldn’t accept the PTSD label that honors a combat vet.
    The incidents occurred in 1972 – 1974 and didn’t erupt until 1992. The VA did a wonderful job of caring for me and bringing me to where I am today.

    Last year I experienced a bad drug reaction (Prozac) prescribed to me by a VA physician, led me into acting weird. My wife could not get me to go to VA so she called 911. Three officers in three cars arrived, she and I were separated, I was handcuffed and led one half block to a squad car in front of watching neighbors and taken to a non-V.A. hospital where I received no treatment and due to my attitude, held incognito so my wife could not get me out and get me to the V.A. The only thing that saved me was through watching Cops, I knew NOT to ask questions and prayed not to slip or trip least they taze me and arrest me for resisting. Now I as well as many other vets have a severe fear of all police.

    Last year after this incident I contacted a Spokane civil rights attorney who agreed to take my case. After a year of no correspondence from him, I called him. He explained that, yes my civil rights were infringed but there was not enough money in the case to make it viable for either he or I?

    I do have a question: since when don’t mentally disabled military veterans have rights? And, why won’t anyone help us secure and protect them. We served our country when called upon so All People can have the rights they enjoy, right or wrong!

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