Spokane Police Abuses: Past to Present

The People of Spokane vs. Law Enforcement Abuse, Impunity, Corruption, and Cover-up

Call to Community Action — Surveillance in Spokane

Posted by Arroyoribera on July 27, 2009

(Originally published at Spokane Hidden Police Cameras)

Remotely operated surveillance cameras with remote recording capacity are being set up all over Spokane under questionable legal authority.

Remotely operated surveillance cameras with remote recording capacity are being set up all over Spokane under questionable legal authority.

The Spokane Police Department — tied to numerous cases in recent years of corruption, killing, sex crimes, and human rights abuses committed by a number of Spokane police ‘officers’ — is now deeply involved in spying on the Spokane community. Hidden cameras used by the Spokane Police Department are appearing around the community and will be used extensively for the “Independence Day” events at Riverfront Park on July 4, 2009, per Spokane Public Radio’s Amanda Loder (KPBX/KSFC). These cameras have the capacity for remote viewing and for recording.

[Podcast of 07/01/2007 report on hidden police cameras by Spokane Public Radio’s Amanda Loder — “Riverfront Park visitors may be on candid camera on July 4”]

The purpose of this blog is locate, identify, disclose, and monitor the use of these cameras by the Spokane Police Department, as well as other law enforcement. It is well known that the Spokane Police Department acts as part of an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and in that capacity has engaged in surveillance, provocation, and attacks on the public, specifically on July 4, 2007, in Riverfront Park.

The blog will also serve for tracking and exploring the legal issues involved in police spying. As citizens of Spokane, we know that we have been ill served for decades by our mayors and and city council when it comes to authority over and oversight of the Spokane Police Department and its secretive and authoritarian leadership.

This is a request for assistance in developing this site. Please send the location of these camera. Among many other locations, there are several in Manito Park and there are others in Riverfront Park.

Ideas on the layout for this WordPress blog, topics, widgets, etc are greatly appreciated. Photos of cameras, detailed descriptions of locations, etc. will allow for the mapping and tracking of police espionage.

Locations of cameras can be posted on the Platial map on the left side of the page. Vodopod videos on the subject of surveillance of episode of police repression (such as the murder of Otto Zehm and the July 4, 2007 police attack on gathered youth) can be posted as well as documentaries on surveillance and civil liberties.

It is important to remember that Spokane is already home to rather “spooky” people — i.e., spies — being the home of a SERE training facility which has brought to this community the likes of CIA psychologists Jessen and Mitchell who reverse engineered survival techniques to create “better” torture techniques for the Bush regimes war on the world. In addition, a number of Defense Department and CIA related companies operate in Spokane, not to mention mercenary outfits such as Blackwater (which recently attempted to camouflage its operations and reputation by changing its name to Xe, pronounced “Zee”).

We know from the reporting of Spokesman-Review reporters Bill Morlin and Karen Dorn Steele that the FBI has infiltrated local organizations and spied on groups like PJALS, Food not Bombs, and other groups. The Spokane Police violated the constitutional rights of protesters at the West Central Community Center in 2007 with the arbitrary and capricious designation of “free speech zones” during the visit by Alberto Gonzales to Spokane just before he resigned in disgrace.

Like the people of Honduras facing a coup today, like the people of Venezuela facing a coup in April 2002, like the people of Iraq and Afghanistan facing illegal invasion and occupation, like the people of so many places in the world facing arbitrary and spurious claims to “needs of the government” to infringe rights and intrude on privacy of people in a democratic country, it is urgently important that we the people of Spokane not quietly submit to the authority of a police department with a thick file of abuses against the people of this city.

Please participate in this project in the way you see fit.

Please write to SpokaneHiddenPoliceCameras@gmail.com with ideas on links, photos, maps, articles, etc.

[Thanks to the young people of Spokane who inspired this blog by expressing their outrage and sense of violation of their basic human and constitutional rights at the fact that cameras are being set up in parks — such as Manito — where generations of Spokane youth and their families have enjoyed all the activities of youth without high tech modern surveillance.]

–(This article was written by David Brookbank)

[Your suggestions on improving this blog or on editing this article as well as your comments are appreciated at SpokaneHiddenPoliceCameras@gmail.com]


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