Spokane Police Abuses: Past to Present

The People of Spokane vs. Law Enforcement Abuse, Impunity, Corruption, and Cover-up

Wanted — Photos of Spokane surveillance cameras

Posted by Arroyoribera on August 3, 2009

(Originally posted at the Spokane Hidden Police Cameras blog.)

The e-mail address spokanehiddenpolicecameras@gmail.com
is now working.

If you have photos in .jpeg or other common formats of surveillance cameras used by local law enforcement, please attach them to an e-mail and send them with a description (detailed is better than brief but anything is appreciated) of the exact location, observations, and comments, as well as your opinions and thoughts about surveillance cameras, privacy infringement, the Spokane Police, etc. It would be useful to provide multiple photos, i.e., close ups of the camera, photos which provide an idea of the area around the camera in particular those which indicate the position in reference to known landmarks or identifiable objects, etc. If you prefer to be unidentified or to be identified by a pseudonym, please let me know.

Suggestions for videos to include in the Vodopod in the left column as well as coordinates to include camera locations in the Platial map also located in the left column.

In addition, the author of this WordPress blog is also the author of the SpokanePoliceAbuses blog. Anyone who would like to help update the chronology posted on that site may send text for inclusion in that chronology which has not been updated for more than a year. Additional blog posts, photos and videos from community members are welcome. I will not commit that I will post them without possible editing but will engage in an exchange about any suggested changes by e-mail with the author. I will attribute the article to its author. The only objective is to bring forth information about the Spokane Police for the benefit of the community and to assist in the development of a will on the part of our community leaders to bring an end, once and for all, to the impunity enjoyed by the Spokane Police Department and its personnel.

If this information is especially interesting to you, you might consider subscribing to the blog at the top of the right hand column.

–(This article was written by David Brookbank)

[Your suggestions on improving this blog or on editing this article as well as your comments are appreciated at SpokaneHiddenPoliceCameras@gmail.com]


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